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Enterprise Vision
Enterprise Vision

Become the most popular and trusted fiber optics and FTTH enterprise in each era.

Enterprise Mission
Enterprise Mission

Do our best to do a good job of technology, quality and service to create benefits for customers, create happiness for employees and create value for the society.

Appointment of Employees
Appointment of Employees

Cultivate and reuse the employees who are in consistent with the team's thinking, contribute to the team, loyalty, hard-working, have a sense of belonging and plan to work in our team for a long time, and cultivate them as core members of our team.

Enterprise Core Values
The core values of SUNET are the code of conduct recognized and shared by all employees since the establishment of our team, is an important direction for our management requirements and also a necessary condition for us to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision.
Customer First

Customers are the ones on whom our livelihood depends, so satisfy customers' needs can make yourself successful, customer recognition is the reflection of our greatest value; our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction, consider what the customers consider, share the concerns of customers, response quickly to customers' request, resolve customers' feedback immediately and never prevarication; standing in customers' position to actively care for customers' needs, organize the human resources to help customers seize opportunities, create benefits and provide comprehensive services to customers.


Our team is a whole, a thought and a "person"; help each other, quick integration, happy to share and grow up together; agreed in advance, resolutely implement, keep the faith of "Customers' interest is the team's interest, team's interest is self interest", standing in the team's position, serve for others, do not care about the current gains and losses, dare to take responsibility, strive for the great business jointly and share the results.

Credibility and Integrity

Credibility and integrity is the foundation of our social activities and also a basic principle of mutual benefit and win-win of us and partners; treat people with sincerity, do things with faith, commitment must be fulfilled once committed whether in make friends, having fun with family, teamwork or foreign business to make commitment as the highest requirement.

Innovation Changes

In this world, the only constant is change, the team's development changes with the market, and fully support all changes and adjustments made by the team; keep pace with the times, grasp the law of change, dare to innovate and seek more space in change.


Know one's subordinates and make good use of them, appoint people by their abilities; follow the simplistic approach to complex things, direct access to the core of the problem to find an effective way to solve the problem; simple interpersonal and happy work, manage the interpersonal relationship that is beneficial to the team development, do not dispute others, we also should treat things as the center and just focus on the issue but not the person.


Harmony is the eternal theme of mankind and also the important manifestation of our team's sustained and healthy development, all employees care about each other, encourage each other and support each other in face of difficulties. Standing in the team's position is he basis of harmony, it is immature to solve the problem in harmony and contradictory conflict, compete is the main theme, forgiving and harmony is the concerto.


Attitude determines the quality, details determine success or failure, good quality can win good reputation, good reputation makes good performance; first-class quality comes from grasping every detail of management, implement each standard process carefully, actively foresee, control and continuously improve the risk point, responsible for the results and fulfill the customer's quality commitment.


Establish a unified goal for the team, keep the faith of strive for the best, embrace the problem, consult with others modestly and study to solve problems; sit-ins have always been thinking, continue to make self criticism summary, study hard, continually study, free from arrogance and rashness, to make development, to lay a solid foundation and make progress every day.