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Fiber Optic Adapter

Product Type : SM SX FC/UPC D Type 

Product Code : SNTAD-SM-SX-FC

Fiber optic adapters are used to provide a cable to cable or cable to equipment fiber optic connection. We supply a wide range of mating sleeves and hybrid adapters, including special male to female hybrid fiber optic adaptor.

Key Features

1. Low insertional loss and back reflection loss

2. High prcision alignment

3. Nickel plated brass body 

4. Use in Single-mode or Multimode applications

5 .Choice of housing material and sleeve material

6. ISO9001:2008,ROHS compliance


Product Applications

1. CATV 

2. Telecommunication networks

3. Test equipment

4. Metro

5. Local Area Networks(LANs)

6. Data processing networks

Product  Specification

Parameter   Unit                                               LC, SC, FC, ST
                                                        SM     MM
                      PC    UPC   APC     PC
Insertion Loss (Typical)    dB                     ≤0.2   ≤0.2   ≤0.2    ≤0.2
Return Loss    dB                     ≥45   ≥50   ≥60    ≥30
Exchangeability    dB                    ≤0.2
Repeatability    dB                    ≤0.2
Durability  Time                  >1000
Operating Temperature    °C                  -40~75
Storage Temperature    °C                  -45~85