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  • Fiber Cleaning Pen
  • Fiber Cleaning Pen
  • Fiber Cleaning Pen
  • Fiber Cleaning Pen
  • Fiber Cleaning Pen

Fiber Cleaning Pen

Product Type : 1.25MM 

Product Code : SNT-CLEP-1.25MM

The One-Click Cleaner is an easy-to-use option for cleaning connectors in adapters. Simply insert the One-Click Cleaner into an adapter and push until an audible "click" is heard.


The One-Click Cleaner uses the mechanical push action to advance an optical grade cleaning tape while the cleaning tip is rotated to ensure the fiber end-face is effectively, but gently, cleaned.

The One-Click Cleaner is a must-have for field technicians. Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and a great addition to cleaning kits. Save your wrist – no more twist!

-800 cleaning times
-LC/MU(1.25mm) connector are available
-Rotates 180 for a full sweep
Work well with the LC and MU connectors, this instrument cleans the ferrule end faces, removing dust, oil, and other debris without nicking or scratching the end face.

Easy pushing motion engages connector and initiates cleaner
Disposable with 800+ cleanings per unit
Made from anti-static resin
Cleaning micro fibers are densely stranded and debris free
Extendable tip reaches recessed connectors
Cleaning system rotates 180 for a full sweep
Audible click when engaged

Fiber network panels and assemblies
Outdoor FTTX applications Cable assembly production facility

Fiber Cleaning Pen